ThinkBAC Consulting follows a simple 4 step process to ensure we are matching you with the best company for your situation. 

1. Initial Call Assessment – Topics include:

  • Career and Personal goals.
  • Work History and Career Transitions.
  • Key Skills and Notable Achievements.
  • Compensation Requirements.
  • ThinkBAC’s relevant active positions and companies.


2. Create a Talent Marketing Strategy

  • Verbally check at least one reference to confirm experience.
  • Submit your CV/Resume to active positions of interest and set-up interviews
    where relevant.
  • Develop a list of Target Companies and Positions by location.
  • Create a “Snapshot” of your experience that is comprised of a few bullet points
    on your key skills and overall experience – NO CONTACT INFO.
  • Send your profile “Snapshot” to decision makers within the list of Targeted
    Companies and follow up with calls to asses interest level.


3. Updates: Weekly/Bi Weekly Calls

  • You will receive a call immediately if we get an interview request or a request
    for your details. Confirmed interviews will be followed up by detailed interview
    confirmation with interview details and tips.
  • If you are active in your search we will also make weekly/biweekly calls to
    give status update but feel free to email or call in as well.
  • Detailed Weekly Progress Reports via email detailing progress (Exclusive Search


4. Offer and Post Placement

  • We will negotiate and advocate on your behalf to secure the best compensation
    package possible.
  • We will provide assistance as needed with resignation process.
  • We will continue Bi-Weekly Calls for at least 3 months to ensure everything is
    going smoothly in your new role.