The Search Services we offer include Contingent Search, Contingent Committed Search, and Project Services/Retained Search. We also offer Market Surveys and Analysis. ALL of our SEARCH SERVICES are backed by our ThinkBAC Guarantee! 


  • Contingent Search   ThinkBAC Consulting will alert our network of the position and submit the qualified candidates that fit your requisition as we canvass daily through our connections, resources, and referrals. Many times we see companies work with several firms on the same role on a Contingent Basis to get increased activity on a position with minimal upfront commitment and no initial upfront cost. This can be effective in some cases but every Recruitment Agency/Firm operates differently and keeping up with multiple contacts and tracking submissions can sometimes lead to the opposite. 


  • Contingent Committed Search- Cohesive process that allows us to work specifically to your schedule which eliminates time wasted on both sides chasing up feedback and coordinating times for initial interviews. Candidates know the role is critical because the company has allocated time for potential interviews and can be prepped to make themselves available accordingly. No initial upfront cost.


  • Project Services & Retained Search-  If you are anticipating utilizing 3rd party services, headhunters, or recruiting firms for multiple hires in a 1-3 months span it may be ideal to utilize our Project Services/Retained Search package. This comprehensive service that includes search analysis, progress reports, dedicated advertising, and flexible pricing structures for multiple hires. 


  • Market Surveys and Analysis – We provide very specific and tailored market analysis on compensation data, competitive landscape, demographics, as well as supply and demand data by discipline, skill-set, region, and industry. Do you want real-time analysis from candidates in the industry? We can distribute custom questionnaires to your target market and generate analytical reports providing you feedback on any topic your company is interested in evaluating.