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Faith Akioyamen is a Registered Nurse and Healthcare Professional with a high level of in technical nursing procedures and case management. She brings to the table multiple years of experience working for Major Hospitals like CHI Baylor St. Lukes and Memorial Herman in one of the nation’s most renowned Medical Centers.

The majority of Mrs. Akioyamen’s technical expertise is in high intensity nursing units but she also has some experience with Research Nursing as well.  Below is an overview of some specific areas she has had hands-on exposure to throughout her career:

  • Cath Lab – catheterization procedures which includes diagnostic and interventional heart caths, peripheral caths, TAVRS, AAA, valvuloplasty, PFO closures, pacemaker implants, IABP, impella, ECMO, and electrophysiology procedures.
  • Transplant Surgical ICU – handling patients with chronic liver and kidney disease. Post-surgical patients receiving an organ transplant of the kidney, pancreas or liver. Hemodynamic monitoring, arterial blood draws, EKG monitoring and interpretation, central line management, titration of multiple IV drips, critical thinking, mechanical ventilation and continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration dialysis management. Bedside procedures such as central line and swan insertions, EGD’s, paracentesis & thoracentesis, and emergent intubations.
  • Research Nursing – Monitoring patient status during the research trial, acutely watching for any adverse reactions or side effects and promptly relaying information to physicians and research analyst involved in the case.

Faith currently works as a Hospital Case Manager and lends her industry expertise to ThinkBAC Consulting as acting Senior Technical Advisor for the Healthcare Division, TBC Healthcare.